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Our Christmas special

Posted by Chloe Barker
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We were lucky enough to get this news from Tony Macnabb, one of the three wise men “There is a world, young Theophrastus, eternal and ever-present, composed of subtle galvanic fluid. It pervades our own. It is in it, yet not of it and in it are recorded forever the all desires, aspirations, lust, exaltations .. Read more

How do you optimise content for Twitter?

Posted by Charlotte Moazami
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Twitter is an excellent way to create engagement between a brand and its audience, however with the 140 character limitation it can sometimes be challenging to get your message across. Below are 5 tips on how to tweet effectively, without compromising on great content.    Tone of voice – ideally a brand should already have .. Read more

It’s that time of year

Posted by Cassandra Blazquez
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“Men sang out their feelings long before they were able to speak their thoughts” –Otto Jespersen, Language, Its Nature, Development and Origin ‘Tis the season to be jolly and with this season come the Christmas carolers. Wrapped up warm, they sing their hearts out and bring festive joy and cheer to all who witness them. .. Read more

The Christmas social media war

Posted by Chloe Barker
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Written by Julie Koeie Christmas advertising is an annual event in the UK. Companies such as John Lewis and Sainsbury’s put vast sums into big scale productions of ads aimed at capturing the customers’ consumption of the Christmas spirit. Indeed, you could say that Sainsbury’s pulled an advertisement hat trick. They commemorated on the 100-year .. Read more

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