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Is content still king?

Posted by Clare Giltrow
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It’s been almost 20 years since Bill Gates said “content is king”. Since then, the term has been bandied around so much it’s become a marketing cliché. But is it really still relevant today? Numerous blogs and businesses have predicted that “content will be king in 2015”*. But a quick Google search shows the same .. Read more

Bark to the future

Posted by Cassandra Blazquez
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Love gadgets as much as you love your dog? Then why not set tails wagging with some of the latest doggy technology around. Binatone Scout 500 Tracker This hi-tech collar is described as “a Smart Phone for your dog.” It has GPS so you can track, check-in and give live voice commands to your furry .. Read more

Is the Internet changing the way we speak?

Posted by Clare Giltrow
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From selfies to sexting, acronyms to emoji, the digital age has spawned a whole new vocabulary that’s showing no sign of slowing down. Twenty years ago, words like trolling, photobomb, tweet or twerking either didn’t exist or had completely different meanings. Smiley faces were literally that and not an ideogram at the end of a sentence. .. Read more

Are we more honest online?

Posted by Charlotte Moazami
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Last week I mentioned how professional hackers are able to remain anonymous by concealing their digital footprint. If you haven’t seen this article you can read it here. For most of us, everything we post online can be found. Every tweet we share, every email we send – it all leaves a long digital paper .. Read more

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