Does blogging still matter?

Does blogging still matter?

Posted by Charlotte Moazami
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There is a debate about whether blogging is just lazy copywriting and no longer relevant in today’s marketing industry. Certain critics think that creating a company blog is not worth investing in, that it is something, which will eventually go away, and that Facebook and Twitter will take over, with the consumer voice. Whilst these are important social media platforms they do not provide the same services that blogging platforms can – if used correctly.


According to research conducted by eMarketer, 140 million people in America alone read blogs regularly. Clearly this is a very large audience, which would be silly to abandon. Also Research Now found that 84% of consumers tend to buy a product or service after they have read about it on a blog.

Consumers are more likely to trust an opinion of a ‘normal’ person on a blog rather than a lavish advertisement on television, as it’s something they can relate to. It’s therefore obvious that blogging is still very much relevant due to the three the main points below.


  •  Increase website traffic – for brands there is a need to be everywhere in order to attract the right audience for your product or service. Blogging allows you to do this by bringing traffic to your website, but the main thing to remember is that time and consistency is key.

  •  Build brand awareness – blogging does come with its challenges such as finding decent writers and idea generators but there is no point spending hours doing that if no one can find your site. Blogging allows you to create awareness of your brand. Indeed by creating a blog, which has its own niche that other people within the industry can identify with so they will then be quick to share your content with their followers.

  •  Educate – as previously mentioned, people use blogs to gain information about product investigation to understanding a new terminology within business. A blog which uses education as its core strategy whether its reviewing the latest gadget to top tips on how to create a great content strategy it is giving the user something which they didn’t previously have, or know. This is also more likely to get shares and get the consumer bookmarking your website and trusting your brand.


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