The growth of Content Strategy

The growth of Content Strategy

Posted by Chloe Barker
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The term “Content Strategy” was first coined in 1997 (1) and has experienced exponential growth during the past decade with big companies like Disney employing Content Strategy teams for years. It’s only during the past two years that the larger user experience (UX) community started paying closer attention to Content Strategy. In 2008, not a single UX conference had a session or workshop devoted to Content Strategy; but in 2010, nearly all did, including the IA Summit, UX Week, UX London to name a few. (2)

According to The Content Marketing Institute, Content Strategy is “a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action” (3)

This method of working is becoming more appreciated today than ever before. A few years ago it was often confused with copywriting and brands generally didn’t think it was understood or a requirement for a company. Today, companies are considering it more seriously alongside other fundamental factors like design and user experience. Companies are becoming more reliant on Content Strategy to illustrate that 60% of digital marketing specialists use Content Marketing on a weekly basis. (4)

There is no denying that Content Strategy plays an ever-increasing role in everyday marketing, and has become more largely appreciated throughout the past decade showing the ever-growing importance of this method and how it can shape, influence and help shape your company or brand in order for it to be successful. Indeed, how reliant is your company on Content Strategy?