The importance of integrating your content

The importance of integrating your content

Posted by Cassandra Blazquez
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Ever since traditional marketing such as Direct Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising hooked-up with Social Media that operates across channels such as Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Instagram – it has become essential to incorporate companies strategies across all marketing sectors. This means that if the company deploys Social Media Marketing in isolation of every other marketing effort, its customers will notice that there is a disjointed, conflicted story (1).

  • Clarity
    However, it doesn’t mean the content of our marketing has to be the same across every channel. The content has to be adapted to the particular media sector it’s being posted on (2). Indeed, the message needs to be the same. Only with consistence can a brand succeed. Internet users are inundated with choice, so if we want to address them appropriately we need to be clear and need to stand out from the rest (3).

  • Links
    That’s why linking the content that leads the audience to different platforms is also critical (4). For instance, if a new article has been posted on a company’s website, it should be mentioned on different channels like the company Facebook Page or the Twitter account. On Facebook, an interesting call to action should be added within the link so users are tempted to click and go to the website to read the article. As Twitter has restricted space and character count, the message needs to be summarised and the usage of hashtags is essential. Hashtags allow the company to be visible to millions of people and enable companies to connect with their targets.

  • Website
    The organisation’s website should be the main point of reference where all our online marketing efforts join up. All the company’s presence on the Internet must be connected to the website. In order to develop a successful multi-channel social media strategy we need to put together a carefully thought-through communication plan (5). A communication plan is a must-have for any organisation. It addresses; values, mission and the goals of the organisation.