What is your X factor?

What is your X factor?

Posted by Cassandra Blazquez
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Written by guest writer Gary Wicks.

The UK’s is currently inspired with X factor – that special ‘something’ that separates the good from the unique. It is that time of the year when most families and friends spend time together and try to get on, without arguing.

So this concept not the license of a TV show happens in the world of creativity and consultancy where you need to work as a team. You have to consider all the options and always try to think out of new ways to make you unique and also to find your client’s X Factor.

First though, you should ask yourself: what is a consultancy’s X factor?

Let’s face it we are in an over saturated industry which doesn’t sit well with the rest of the agency world. People ‘sell’ creativity like pounds of potatoes – and every agency claims that ‘they are the best and that they are in a different league to their competition’. ‘They have won 1000’s of awards’ etc.’

When was the last time you employed an agency or a freelancer that says that ‘They listen’?

Surely that is the start of any solution – ‘listening’. We work with a lot of young creative brains that want to impress and impose…We spend time saying ‘it’s important to Listen first’.

Listening is the start of the relationship with the client, which is key. Plus, you will learn more than you thought you knew about the brand. Also, you will get a deeper insight into the brand mission and vision.

Try to Think like a CEO – take the creative to the highest level of the solution. The more you listen to your client the better you know what the client needs and how big the client’s dreams are. To find every client’s X Factor you must LISTEN.

Also, create your own toolkit to generate solutions for different clients.

We’re lucky working as part of a collective [Chloe Barker Content Strategy consultancy], which has a unique set of varying skillsets, and we all listen.

Have you discovered what is your company’s X Factor is? We are ready to listen and help.